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A cat cared for jointly by Girl and [Jules] until the latter left TheFactory?. Lunch is a connection of Girl's.

Max Schroeder

A foreman at TheFactory?, Max harbors respect for the workers and republican political views, neither of which VonSchmetterling approves of. Max is [Adelinde]'s brother and a connection Girl.

Adleinde Schroeder

The apothecary's daughter, sister to [Max] and connection to both Francois and Rotwang.

Bill, the Gangly Mule

Bill is a mule stolen by Francois from [Zoltan], the gypsy who owned Bill. Bill is also one of Francois's connections.


Manfred is an accordion playing gypsy and a connection of Rotwang's.


A blind child that worked in the stables at TheFactory? until he was exiled by Girl. He is a connection of Worm's.

Father Bertrand

Formerly a priest in the village's church, now a mummified wall hanging in Worm's quarters, and a short lived connection thereof.


One eyed gypsy elder and former owner of [Bill]. Francois set his cart on fire.

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